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Areas of Expertise


My skills can be used for any worthy cause, but I have particular experience in the following areas.

Health care / health insurance

My work on health policy issues includes: Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs); quality measurement for providers and plans; skilled nursing facilities (SNFs); interRAI MDS assessment data; analysis of medical claims data (e.g., DRGs and ICD-10 codes) using SAS.


Sample projects:

- Social Determinants of Health (SDHs)

- American Medicaid health care for low-income people

- New Hampshire (USA) Insurance Department - Health Cost Website for consumers

- MassHealth (Massachusetts Medicaid health insurance for the poor) - ACO development

Sustainable Development

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are targets for how we, on a planetary basis, need to restructure our economies, production, transportation, use of natural resources, and development of men, women and children around the world.

Social Services

Having worked for both non-profit organizations (NPOs/NGOs) and state government, I understand the needs of clients receiving social supports. Someone can't maintain a job if they don't have affordable childcare or a car (particularly if they live in a rural area). Substance abuse or mental health issues can hinder someone's ability to manage a chronic or acute disease.


Sample projects:

- Massachusetts behavioral health program connecting community-based supports to individuals involved with the criminal justice system

- Massachusetts (USA) Department of Transitional Assistance (welfare) - welfare clients and vocational training program


"...she mastered the intricacies of [the state client database] and was one of the few experts able to do such analyses. I was particularly impressed [once] when I asked for help with a query I needed quickly. After she completed the task, she immediately wanted to do it a second way to double check the accuracy of her approach."   --former Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance  Program Director

Environmental Protection

From greening the health care sector to divesting from fossil fuels, I can help with your environmental project.


Sample projects:

- Artikel über Kantone und Klimawandel

- Franklin Park Coalition, Boston, MA - (prior) website



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Technical Skills

Database / Data tools: MS Access, SAS, MS Excel

Communications: Mailchimp, MS Powerpoint

Design: Adobe Photoshop, Visio

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